They are the security provider of choice in the region because of their commitment to providing their clients with the best technology and customer service, while operating with integrity in all they do.


4 Reviews

  • Sergio P


    Robert from Protectus Security came to out office to replace door contacts for our security system in the office.
    He was kind, knowledgeable and cared about his work. He also went above and beyond by painting the door contacts black so they would blend with the door.
    Please note that the door contacts when seeing them in person completely blend in, I can’t even see them unless you look for them. The editing on the picture doesn’t do the real thing justice.
    We are very happy with their work.

  • Kory H


    Our small business has been having many issues over the years with a National Alarm Company. When it was time to go to a new contract, I wanted to look at going “local”. Best decision we have ever made! This is a company that is competent, caring, and follows through just as advertised. Plus we will end up saving money and headaches in the long run!

  • Traci K


    The service provided by everyone was courteous & professional. I believe the quality of products is outstanding. Very responsive & great communication!

  • Kyle D


    Knowledgeable in security systems. Answered any questions I had. The install was in a timely manner and very professional.

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